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Frequently Asked Questions and Periwinkle Trivia

We try to anticipate questions you might have about our PRODUCT / SERVICE and provide the answers here. 

  • FAQ       Here are frequently asked questions.
  • Periwinkle Trivia   Here are a few fascinating facts about the color Periwinkle Blue.


How do I return or exchange a product?

If you are not satisfied, you may return your unused, unworn product, with tags still attached, plus original packaging within 30 days of your shipment date for a full refund of the purchase price (less shipping costs).

Exceptions:  Close-out (clearance) sale merchandise is not eligible for return or exchange unless defective.  For health reasons, some items such as earrings, socks, and other intimate apparel cannot be returned or exchanged once removed from packaging or used.  Thank you for understanding!

How to exchange or return:  Email us (anna@periwinklejoy.com) with your product information and reason for return or exchange. We'll send you the information you need to send the item(s) back to us before you ship the item. You are responsible for return shipping unless the product was damaged prior to your receipt of the product. If the item arrives damaged, please photograph the box and the damaged item, and forward the photos with your email request.

Thank you for folding the items neatly and returning them within any product packaging so they're ready to re-sell.  All original tags (preferably attached) and product packaging must be returned to receive your refund or exchange and the return package must arrive to us within 30 days of the original shipment date. 

Please take care of the item(s) while you have them.  If the product is returned soiled, has been worn or used, has been stored in a smoky or other scented area, or is received after 30 days of your original shipment, we cannot accept it for refund or exchange and will not be responsible for returning the item(s).  We appreciate your help caring for the product!

If we ever make a mistake and somehow send you the wrong item, we'll gladly cover return shipping costs in most cases.



How long does shipping take? Can I get an expedited order?

Most orders go out the door within 1-2 business days. In the Continental U.S., Standard shipping takes 3-5 days for lighter items (packages under 13 ounces that tend to go First Class) and 4-8 days for most other packages via Parcel Post or UPS Ground.  

If you wish to expedite your order, please call us to request this special service. We ship only to customers in the United States at this time.



Where can I check my order status?

Your order confirmation email will be followed by a shipped confirmation email. In that it you'll find a tracking number and how to track your order online. If you don't see those emails (from anna@periwinklejoy.com) please check your junk mail folder.



I didn't get an email after I placed my order. Did you get my order? How do I track it?

Our system immediately sends both a payment receipt and order details to your email address you enter.  VERY often that filters to your junk mail or spam folder, so please find it there and mark it as not spam.  Even better, add us to your address book so you'll see our message when your order ships. If you think you might have entered the wrong email address, or perhaps an old one, please let us know and we'll update it.



Do you have a physical store?

Currently we do not have a physical store.                                                                                                                                      



Can I send a check or money order?

We're happy to accept money orders for some items. We can take the order by email, you send a money order in, and we'll ship the order out when we receive the money order.



A color in the product name doesn't match the photo's Periwinkle Blue shade on my screen. Why is that?

There are several possible reasons why the title and shade may look different on your screen. First, monitors display colors a little differently. What looks like dark periwinkle blue on a laptop LCD might be brighter on a desktop monitor. Second, we currently include how the manufacturer or seller identifies the color of their product. Third, in our opinion, Periwinkle Blue ranges on the Pantone Matching System between PMS 658 – 660 and PMS 2726, 2727, 2728, 2736, 2738. To our eye all of these colors are Periwinkle Blue. Manufacturers use names such as Lavender blue, Periwinkle Lavender, Periwinkle Blue, Island Peri, Peri, Violet and sometimes Denim. See some examples below:



What's your Privacy Policy?

We won't abuse your information. PeriwinkleJoy respects the privacy of your information and we do our best not to abuse your trust.  Therefore we treat your information with respect.  We don't share personal contact information outside PeriwinkleJoy.  However, we may use and share aggregated, summary information (such as "15% of our customers live in this state").

Besides order information or replies, most of our emailing goes only to those who request to be added to our newsletter email list. Of course, at any time you can opt-out of that list; we will honor that request.

We do assume and state that anything you email us (including photos, reviews, etc.) is something you're willing to share on-line, in print, or other media where we may promote.  Product or slogan suggestions officially become property of PeriwinkleJoy, so please keep this in mind.  We are a community of soles who enjoy sharing our passion for color, not just a store, and we hope we earn your trust.



Do you ship internationally, to P.O. Boxes, or to military addresses?

We currently ship only to an address of P.O. Box in the United States. Hopefully, as our services and product lines expand we will be able to include other countries.



What if my package doesn't arrive or the wrong items arrive?

We will do our best to ship packages quickly and on time.Mistakes do happen, though, and occasionally a package can be mis-packed or mis-shipped.  We do our best to correct those orders immediately.  It's also possible for a carrier (USPS, FedEx, UPS), a 3rd party seller, or dropship supplier to fail to deliver a package on time or as requested. 

To reduce fraud, if a carrier is at fault or package tracking shows the shipment was delivered but is not found on the receiving end, PeriwinkleJoy will not be responsible for replacement or any costs incurred because of the package not being received.  When the carrier or another party is at fault, we will do our best to help customers resolve the situation or locate the package.  Additionally, our liability in any case is (and to stay open must be) limited to the cost of the item(s) ordered.  All sales are made under these terms and purchases are made under these terms.



Still have a question?

If you have another question we have not covered, email us at anna@periwinklejoy.com.                                                                                               Top 


What is the color Periwinkle?

From Wikipedia: Periwinkle is a color in the blue and purple family. Its name is derived from the lesser periwinkle or myrtle herb (Vinca minor) which bears flowers of the same color.

The color periwinkle is also called lavender blue. The color periwinkle may be considered a pale tint of blue or a "pastel blue"

From PeriwinkleJoy, in our opinion, Periwinkle Blue ranges on the Pantone Matching System between PMS 658 – 660 and PMS 2726, 2727, 2728, 2736, 2738. To our eye all of these colors are Periwinkle Blue. See some examples below:



What was the first recorded use of the color Periwinkle?                                                                                                           

From Wikipedia: The first recorded use of periwinkle as a color name in English was in 1895.



How is Periwinkle Blue used in popular culture?                                     

From Wikipedia: Periwinkle blue is the color for esophageal and stomach cancer awareness ribbons, and for anorexia nervosa and bulimia. It is also the color for pulmonary hypertension awareness ribbons.
The "downvote" of the popular website Reddit is identified as periwinkle, and one of the two "teams" of the site's April Fools event in 2013 was named for the color.
Periwinkle was added to the Crayola palette in 1949.
Periwinkle is Tinker Bell's sister in Tinker Bell and the Secret of the Wings



Are there other Wikipedia quotes about Periwinkle?

Sure enough!

In fauna:

Periwinkle, a common name for a number of gastropod molluscs in the family LittorinidaeCommon periwinkle (Littorina littorea)
Austrolittorina unifasciata
Periwinkle, a regional name for the caddisfly larva
In flora:

Catharanthus or Madagascar periwinklesCatharanthus roseus or rosy periwinkle
Vinca or European periwinklesVinca major or greater periwinkle
Vinca minor or lesser periwinkle
Vinca herbacea or herbaceous periwinkle
In other uses:

Periwinkle (color), a pale shade of blue
Periwinkle (film), a 1917 silent film by James Kirkwood
USS Periwinkle (1864), a steamer procured by the Union Navy during the American Civil War
Periwinkle Run, a stream in Ohio
Periwinkle, a character in Blue's Clues
Periwinkle, a character in The Bellflower Bunnies
Periwinkle, a character in the 2012 animated film Secret of the Wings from Disney
Periwinkle, the main character in Patricia A. McKillip's book, The Changeling Sea



Have you found other uses of the color name Periwinkle Blue?                                                                                                

Please share them with us; send an email to anna@periwinklejoy.com.