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Past Newsletters

As the inspiration comes to me I publish a newsletter for my fans. Below you'll find past newsletters that I think you'll find inspiring and uplifting.
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The Joys of Periwinkle                                                                                                                       

When you surround yourself with your favorite colors, how does it make you feel? Joyful? Uplifted? Relaxed? Ready to make the world more beautiful? Yes, certainly. And, I find that at the same time it grounds me in the here and now. It allows me to be... Click to read more.


The World is a Crazy Place!

Have you noticed the world is such a crazy place, populated by us humans who make ourseles crazy?! We seem to have so much resistance to doing things that will help us live our lives without stress, fear and illness...  Click to Read More


Outside my Comfort Zone Trying Something New

A few months ago I visited my niece and great niece, Rebekah and Aray Sunshine, at Trout Lake, WA. They took me on what became an enlightening hike...Click to Read